Monday, September 27, 2010

Who destroyed the blog?

If the predictions come true, Web2.0 really a bubble, then, who destroyed it?

This prediction is very meaningful. In other birthday, do not wish him happy and give him some advice. This course is considered obsolete, but more valuable.

September 7 is the 3rd anniversary of China blog. It seems the entire blog in China, an anniversary. Around 2000 young people to university still had inevitably Fang Xingdong and dumping, and now I am afraid that few people thought of it. Dr. Fang courage, performed a scene "wets merchants" stories, will stay on in a living history.

Rounds from the beginning of this year since the second half of Web2.0, I have been pouring cold water, this objective also holding a Web2.0 field. However, the gathering place and no white baseball, and now, a pioneer in the earliest RSS finally done told me that next year, 90% of the Web2.0 companies will die.

He is right incomplete right. I think that, in absolute amount, the 90% a little less.

We are now in the focus on the blog, and always those few things: technology-driven, interactive, individualism ... ... In the end, now the hottest topic is business model. Got into fierce arguments, whether there is, and whether there should be business model? Business model look like?

This is precisely what a sad.

The initial driving force Web2.0 technology enthusiast from the individual fans. In 2003, I started to write a blog, first settled in the blog section of the site would attract me deeply. It said that one blog, but diary; 100 personal blog, but the exchange; 1000 personal blog, which is the media.

I think, to this day, I am afraid that this view has been widely accepted. Blog in a foreign country, whether the historical role of the media has, or is it the media's influence, have fulfilled this prophecy in.

Thousands of blog success of the "blog phenomenon." If the media, then you are a superstructure, it is not a commercial machine. Last week, a veteran of the media said. Phrase was familiar to us, but by deliberately forgetting the words, I began to worry about the future of the blog. "State of the economy is good, too optimistic about the future, blind expansion of the job cuts without layoffs. Thus, when the bad years come, the people are too pessimistic, so the cycle." In the "Great Game", the right those bubble in U.S. history and panic were so summarized.

Rich applications, the increase in the absolute number of Internet users, investment opportunities under macro-control to reduce ... ... This is the Internet became a hot spot for investment reasons. Than a few years ago, the Internet is more mature; However, compared to a few years ago, it is more greedy.

Now, the second Internet bubble coming. Early September of the Internet Conference, became a millionaire many dream big PARTY. Everyone believe that they just will be there among the remaining 1%.

Why the Internet is now like this?

Now the blog, or in our hearts blog?

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